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Please enter email addresses of your friends, family and coworkers and this site will automatically send them an email telling them about The Book of Aquarius. They won’t know it was you who referred them. All you have to do is enter the email addresses in the box below, 1 email address per line, and each person will be sent an email.

I will only send 1 email to each person, as shown below. I will not keep the email addresses or send any spam to these people. I will never even see these emails, because they are not stored, only an email sent.

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Please read this email before making any judgment.

A book has been anonymously released revealing how to make the real Philosophers’ Stone. This is a secret which has been kept hidden for 12,000 years. This Stone can cure all disease and make an old person young again. It’s made using natural and scientific principles, which are understandable and explained in the book.

The book itself is called The Book of Aquarius. It is free and public-domain (no copyright). This is not a sales email, you are not being asked for any money.

To download the book and see for yourself, please visit:

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